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About Us

Horse Guard
The oldest part of our group is over 355 years old. That is how long we’ve been selling to United Kingdom Armed Forces. During this time we have dressed the most famous military leaders in our history, men such as Nelson and Wellington et al. Some of the greatest heroes of our time, recognised through honours and awards have been customers of our Group. In recent times we have provided uniform not only through contract to UK armed forces but also privately through our retail outlets, webshop and factory locations.

We are the current incumbent suppliers to the UK Ministry of Defence for all ceremonial uniform and the vast majority of accoutrements. We are the incumbent suppliers to Buckingham Palace, the tower of London and most of the livery companies of London.


We still have three factories and over 100 skilled master technicians and tailors employed in the United Kingdom. These tailors, armourers, hat makers, die sinkers, toolmakers and other skilled trades people are responsible for delivering all of the metal badges, buttons, hand embroidered badges, ceremonial uniforms and other accoutrements that are offered to you through our website. The very same product is sold to the Ministry of Defence on contract.

Old Soliders
We believe, unlike other Direct web based sales outlets that we have a greater understanding of the reasons that have motivated your military career. At any age, as a cadet, a regular or territorial service person or a retired veteran, a career in the armed forces is a lifestyle choice that stays with you forever. The camaraderie, friendships and sense of purpose derived through a relationship with the military at any level fundamentally changes men and women of all ages uniting them behind a common cause in the service of our country.

We understand like no other what is meant by regimental or unit pride whichever part of the Armed Forces you’ve chosen to serve with. For 334 years we have supported your predecessors, we hope you will give us the opportunity to continue that tradition with you.